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Two New Novels Coming Soon from George Arnold and Eakin Press

Your Mama’s Not in Yokohama: Nekos of the CIA

    The Japanese ambassador to the United States asks POTUS for the help of an investigative team. It seems his mother, known as Big Mama Kesko (also a Basset Hound) has gone missing following a trip to the supermarket near her home in Yokohama, Japan. The Cats of the CIA and their pilot and CIA contract operative Cincinnati the dancing pig head for Yokohama and Tokyo to find Big Mama and bring her back to the safety of the Japanese embassy in Washington, D.C. With the help of the General Superintendent for Japanese Police’s Basset Hound Finding Unit. Morito Kato, and the ambassador’s brother,  Barney Kesko, they launch a search for the missing mom. In the process they learn a lot about the sights and sites of Japan’s largest cities, the lifestyle, culture and cuisine of the country . . . and they learn to speak considerable Japanese with a 750-word, -phrase, and pronunciation guide built right into the story.

    To be released late Summer 2018

Ramblin’ Rogue: Texas Ranger Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz

    Recently retired following a 30-year career as a Texas Ranger, former Captain Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz is persuaded to write a book about his career in one of the world’s most respected criminal investigation organizations. From Argentina to Suriname to Belize, all over Mexico and the Texas border, Lobo’s unadorned recount of his career put the mission and the accomplishments of the Rangers on public display. What you don’t know about this sometimes flamboyant but often understated group of criminal investigators will surprise you as Lobo reveals some of the secrets of his unorthodox, but effective investigation style.

    To be released early in 2018


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